Air Purifiers by BaTec

Brilliant design.
Efficient for Virus and Bacteries and other Dust

BB 1 is an air purifier with a 360-degree air intake to efficiently purify indoor air. Cutting edge UV-PCO technology is constructed in the center of the circular filtration system to effectively destroy airborne microorganisms and harmful pollutants. The innovative hand gesture operation helps prevent cross-contamination among users.

Hand gesture operation effectively prevents cross-contamination
The innovative hand gesture operation eliminates the need for control buttons. Wave hand over gesture sensor to adjust fan speed. The three circles on the display represent the fan speeds.

Safely purifies and sterilizes the air in human presence

The primary air purification components of the unit are the HEPA filter, activated carbon filter, and the UV-PCO system. Testing has shown that ozone residue and ultraviolet leakage of this unit are well within the allowed level in safety regulations. The unit can safely function around people. 

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