To use the right filters in a filtering system is the first point of a good filter system.

We use in our systems a combination of filters

Hepa 13 filters

Active carbon filters

Fiber Prefilters


Separable filters decrease unpleasant odors and also reduce replacement cost Conventional air purifiers emit unpleasant odors after long period of usage. The innovative design of separate HEPA filter and activated carbon filter allows individual filter replacement to prevent unpleasant odor and reduce filter replacement cost.

In some of our Filter Systems we implement UV C light which is a very efficient light source to kill virus. With combination of our original filters and the UV light we reach a high extinction rate of Virus and Bacteries.

One key parameter is the flow rate of such a filter system. As the results of different institutes show, there is a must to have turnover of the air 4 to 5 times in one hour to filter out all virus in a closed room.

Therefore our systems the airflow rate can be adjusted to have best results and the noise is below the demanded noise from schools.

The right place in a closed room is also one of the key factors for the efficiency of filtering. This is a little complicated due the fact that every room has different flow conditions and so we must check locally where is best place to install our systems. Typically we do that while the installation with our well trained operators.

Dipl. Ing. Burkhard Baier
Dipl. Ing. Burkhard Baier

Specialized in Laser Technology, Airpurifiers and Measurements of Aerosols and particles with Laser Diffraction.

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