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About us

  • In 2001 Mr. Dipl. Ing. Burkhard Baier has founded BB TEC PVT LTD in Sri Lanka. Goal was to introduce Laser Technology in the industrial field of Garment Industries and others. Mr Baier has a physical background in Laser and Photonik and has worked as CEO and VP in different companies in Europe and Us before. Soon the company grow from a 2 man comapny to a nearly 100 employee company. Now the company still work in the laser field.
  • Due some local problems in Sri Lanka – Tsunami and Civil war – 2010 Mr. Burkhard Baier decide to expand the business to India due the bigger local market. He has founded the BaTec Pvt Ltd. together with a local Partner Abhinav Paliwal, who was a specialist in Pharma Instruments. From this time on both companies work in the field of Laser Technology and Instruments for Quality insurance in Pharmacy and other Industries.
  • Due a request of a furniture company for Laser Technology, Mr Baier met the owner of Multiflex PVT LTD, a old established furniture company in Mumbai. Soon both Mr. Burkhard Baier and Mr. Aschok Quadros realize, that a cooperation in Laser Application for the furniture industry would be an interesting market. That was the reason that Mr. Burkhard Baier and the two sons of the Multiflex owners Glenn and Aditiya Quadros have founded 4 Art Studios Pvt Ltd. in Navi Mumbai in 2018. Business of the this company was in beginning a special design, called Parametric furniture to design and promote all over the world.
  • 2019 we decided to combine both activities from BaTec and 4 Art Studios in one company, under the name of 4 Art Studios Pvt Ltd. Now we handle the furniture and the technical product under on roof.
  • in 2020 we open the subsidary of 4 Art Studios UG in Germany. Founded by Marco Baier and Aditiya Quadros, we open this subsidary to have a local sales force and service as close as possible to our customers. Especially our high quality furnitures we have a key market in Germany, France and Spain, so it was necessary to be present close to these markets.
  • With the pandemy, started in same year, we struggle in some problems, lockdown of our production in India but also less business for Lasers. We survive with supplying airpurifiers, which we done before for pharma Industry.
  • Now business go up again for furniture too and we see a strong growth of our products in the Arabian Countries and South Asia. That was finally the reason, that Marco Baier has founded in 2022 BB TEC Trading FZCO in Dubai. Here we like to centralize our logistic and sales force, but still keep our existing subsidaries and open new subs in France, Spain and US.