BB TEC Trading in Dubai was founded by Marco Baier in Dec 2022. The reason was, to built up one roof for all the companies in Germany, India and Sri Lanka. To bundle some main activities in Dubai Headquarter.

In 2001 Dipl. Ing. Burkhard Baier has founded BB TEC in Sri Lanka and started to deal with Lasertechnology for the garment and steel Industry. The company grow fast and the next step was to open also a subsidary in India. Here we implement also Measurement systems, mainly particele size measurement systems for the Pharma Industry, based on Laser Technology.

In 2018 Mr. Burkhard Baier met Mr. Ashok Quadros, owner of Multiflex, a furniture company, due the reason to implement laser technology in the manufactoring process of furnitures. Fast Mr. Quadros and Mr. Baier see an interesting market in Europe for some special designs, called parametric designs, so that they decide to open a subsidary also in Germany, to distribute this designs under the name of 4 Art and 4angels, which is meanwhile a protected Brand.

Now we can say that we have two main product ranges in our portfolio of the companies in Germany, Indi, Sri Lanka and UAE.

Multiflex India

Multiflex India belongs to the brothers Ashok and Amand Quadros and is our production unit for Furniture based in India.

More than 40 years experience in furniture industry, mainly exporting to Austria, Germany and Australia is the basic for high demands in Quality of Material and finished products.

4 Art Studios

4 Art Studios UG in Germany is the sales office for the furniture and also for the technical products. 4 Art Studios in India is doing same for the south Asian market.